Serving Leaders who Know that Only the Innovative Survive:        Critical Thinker | Powerful Communicator |  Creative Warrior 


I bring 25 years experience in growing companies through successful tactical planning. CFM offers expertise in the strategic development of meaningful initiatives through inspiring ownership, using strong executive leadership skills and effective project management processes.

Only the Innovative Survive

When is the last time you applied innovation to the process of how your organization develops and executes marketing strategy? Just as the pace of business and change is accelerating, so too should your strategic marketing management process.

The reality is if you don’t own your culture, your culture will own you. If you don’t engage your workforce in new and compelling ways, someone else will. Either you're going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant.

Only the Innovative Survive.

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Question: What’s Wrong With The Traditional Approach To Strategy?
Answer: Nearly Everything.

The approach taken by traditional strategy firms has been broken for years. It’s dated. It often operates in a vacuum. It takes far too long to deliver value (if value is ever delivered). It creates a dependent relationship on a consulting firm stifling the client’s internal talent and leadership development. And, It’s way too expensive. In short, traditional strategy consulting is just more of the same, being sold as best practices. 

My Solution: 
• You own the process. I simply provide the framework. 
• You own the delivery. I’m there if you need me.
• I don’t control the knowledge. I transfer it. 
• I don’t replace your team or do their job for them. I develop them.

I offer Marketing, Branding and Messaging Management Consulting and Solutions including:
• Strategy practice
• Tailored Brand Messaging/Voice
• Leadership Development & Positioning 
• Culture Transformation

I am recognized for my extensive experience in growing businesses across numerous verticals, dramatically increasing revenue through the implementation of corporate leadership strategies, focus orientation, award-winning marketing/positioning initiatives and keen ability to forge meaningful strategic business alliances.


I've served at the Director and VP-levels as a Marketing, Communications, Business Development and Sales Management Executive, experienced in engineering revenue growth through an entrepreneurial approach and implementation of tactical strategies. Nine years ago I founded CFM Professional Services, a full-service marketing, communications and branding firm. My significant experience has served to reinforce my innate strengths as a leader, mentor, trusted advisor and architect of turnaround management initiatives.


I have been recognized for my passionate and innovative approach in developing and aligning your company’s unique culture with the knowledge, skill sets and competencies that will ensure agility and enhance innovation.


I am a 'connector': My expertise in building mutually beneficial strategic alliances based on trust will serve your organization well.


I am an extroverted and intuitive personality who revels in the space where marketing, communications, business development and relationship building converge. Charismatic, motivating and straightforward, I am an Architect of Ideas with strong professional ethics, eliciting excellence through a results-oriented performance-based approach.