CFM Professional Services offers a wide range of content strategies and services that effectively share your unique  'Vision Story.'


The reality is if you don’t own your culture, your culture will own you. If you don’t engage your workforce in new and compelling ways, someone else will. Either you're going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant. What makes CFMPS unique is the depth and breadth of experience I bring to numerous industries in conjunction with my high-touch, personalized approach.

I work with senior level executives to position them as Thought Leaders in their respective industries through the creation of well-researched impactful articles for publication in relevant magazines and websites.

 Whether you are a small- to medium-sized company looking for an experienced advisor, a senior executive looking for a one-on-one coaching experience or a CMO looking to design and implement a meaningful marketing initiative, I am uniquely positioned to address your needs.