N2Growth’s global coaching practice offers a wide range of professional services focused on advising Boards, CEOs, and senior executives. N2Growth’s coaches have deep experience working with some of the world’s leading executives in the areas of leadership, strategy, innovation, team building, organizational design and succession planning.


What makes us unique is the depth and breadth of experience possessed by our coaches as well as the range and flexibility of our coaching offerings. Whether you are a CEO looking for an experienced advisor, a senior executive looking for a one-on-one coaching experience, a CHRO looking to design and implement a global coaching program, or a board looking at composition, succession or governance, N2Growth is uniquely positioned to address your needs.


I have one goal at CFM Professional Services: to help your organization create a purpose-driven, scalable, culture of leadership. There actually is a silver bullet in business: It’s called outstanding leadership.

Leadership is not management. Management is the practice of getting people to do what you want. In contrast, leadership happens when somebody assumes the responsibility of making a difference.

Culture defeats everything -- including strategy. Never compromise organizational culture even if it means taking the longer or more difficult route in getting things done.


Corporate cultures not nourished simply cannot flourish. The best companies don’t leverage their people, they create leverage for their people – I can help you accomplish this.