2019’s been a long year: Let’s Help Each Other

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Day 32 of the government shutdown with no end in sight. The truth is, we’re all just one heartbeat away from the political whims of the few, whether they are federal, local or corporate power mongers. It’s tragic that a government holds the supremacy to crash into and annihilate the ability of its citizens to work, eat, live. A wake-up call to all, to say the least. It’s worthy to mention that these powerful folks are still collecting their paycheck and enjoying open access to all the best of health care, courtesy of you and me. It’s utter madness.

We are left with no other choice but to take matters into our own hands, with a little help from our friends. Even those we might have yet to meet. It’s time to come together over our higher purpose through the creation of a like-minded tribe to encourage, learn, nurture, push our limits and liberate us from the ties that bind. The dramatic upsurge in life, productivity, business and wellness coaches makes a strong case for the need to improve, organize and fulfill our larger destiny. Centers of Excellence, Vistage, and accountability partnerships are popping up everywhere to cater to the growing desire in the search for a higher, more meaningful purpose.

“Surround yourself with people who remind you more of your future than your past.” ~ Dan Sullivan

The idea of “Transformational Leadership” engages a more empathetic approach to the fear and dread of ‘accountability’ as a stand-alone, often times, sterile process. The inherent magic in transformational leadership lays in the generosity, empathy and compassion to truly listen to your success partner: learn her needs, what she’s trying to convey, the change she seeks to make. Thoughtful feedback, insight and clarity in taking the time to understand, will transform her idea into vivid reality.

Transformational leaders challenge assumptions by asking the hard questions, creating the crossroads wherein excitement and fear intersect, the place where real change happens. Accountability is great – but ‘Success Partners’ wield far more power, as they set in motion extreme action. As Benjamin Hardy states, “success partners help each other to take on extreme courage, and coaching each other through the process.”

Hardy posits the notion that we need to build “a network of people who are pushing [us] to up [our] game constantly … success partners are all about excitement and fear—and according to Dan Sullivan, those are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have excitement without fear.”

Studies on the power of transformational leadership to elicit dramatic increases in clarity of vision, a deeper purpose and a meaningful path to success are overwhelming. There is further evidence suggesting you can increase your income by 10X in a year with the right network.

Wait! There’s more: your thoughtful success partners will allow you to achieve goals that would normally take years to realize, into 3-6 months. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving: More time.

Transformational leadership employs the science of ‘mental contrasting’, proven to be the most effective strategy in redefining and ramping up success. The tension of positive and negative forces work together to provide the impetus for high velocity achievement and greater abundance.

In a broken world, we all endure the pain and stress of circumstances not of our own making – good god, look at the absolute dysfunction of our world today.

It is—of course—our individual choice as to how to respond. I choose to be whole and well, brave and bold. I choose the labor of a life that matters.

Will you join me?

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